Rémy Cools

ARIES • 1997

"In my timepieces , I attempt to create a link between tradition and modernity. When you wear one of my timepieces, you have a concentrate of artisanal watchmaking fused between modernity and respect for tradition. "

Also drawing inspiration from the success of Journe is Remy Cools, a 24-year old Frenchman who won the 2018 Young Talent Competition organised annually by F.P. Journe. His work is distinct, but once again clearly inspired by the 19th century creations of Abraham-Louis Breguet.

Like many who came before him, Cool’s debut watch was inspired by Breguet. It evolved from the Mechanica Tempus Pendulette Tourbillon, a portico clock with tourbillon that won Cools the 2018 F.P. Journe Young Talent Award that recognises promising watchmakers from around the world.

Property of Mr Rémy Cools


Souscription Tourbillon Prototype #00

Like the clock, the Tourbillon Souscription features a tourbillon and an off-centre dial for the time that sit under a bulbous crystal to accommodate the architectural dial. The Tourbillon Souscription is made by Cools himself using traditional tools, with a good deal being fabricated by hand, as they would have been in the 19th century. Especially unusual is the lack of a crown; instead the watch is set and wound by two recessed tabs on the back of the case. 

Property of Mr Rémy Cools

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